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House Of Cards


There's a place, that's way down yonder

In the back of my mind,

Where we can unwind.

There's a story that needs to be told,

It will captivate all

As the pages unfold


Do we know the reasons why?

We can't fight the feelings if the feelings lie

Deep down in the cave,

The cave that holds

The shattered fragments of my broken soul.


And I have done things I should never have done,

Fought battles I could never have won,

Tried my best, gave my all

Built it up and then I watched it fall

Like a house of cards

Tumbling onto the floor.


You've got my heart on a string

But without you I just dont mean anything.

You've got me tied up with rope 

But without you there just cant be any hope.


Deeper and deeper we go

Into the places only both of us know

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